To enlist members of the community in developing and maintaining an off leash dog park and liaison with other entities to educate the community and promote responsible dog ownership.

Who We Are?

Off the Leash is a nonprofit 5 acre dog park run by community volunteers and sponsors who are committed to providing a safe place for our dogs to play and exercise.  

The land is graciously leased to Off the Leash from Cal-Trans.

2019 Governing Board

  • Mike Johnston, President

  • Donna Johnston, Secretary

  • Terry Wright, Treasurer

  • Tom Barnes, Park Maintenance

  • Anne Angelheart, Facebook manager, head media fund raising chairman.

  • Chris Parent, Past President

  • Members at Large: Liz, Marcia Kramer

501(c)(3) Information

In 2005, Off the Leash was was approved for non-profit 501(c)(3) status through the I.R.S. and the state of California. There are several tax benefits that come along with a 501(c)(3) status. The most important of these benefits, all donations to the park are tax-deductible! 

Yuba Sutter Off the Leash Dog Park EIN:  42-1648452

Our Dog Park

In 2005 Off the Leash was conceived, at least the idea of a local dog park was incubated. For the next two years, volunteers approached local city governments with the idea of a public use; community sponsored Off the Leash Dog Park. During this period an application was made to become a 501©3 not for profit corporation. The I.R.S. and the state of California granted is nonprofit status. After a year or more of searching, Cal-Trans agreed to lease 5 acres of land on Wild River Drive to Off the Leash.

In 2007 the city of Yuba City granted a conditional use permit to Off the Leash, Inc. to build and open the current dog park.

Why a dog park? Studies have shown that dogs that are well exercised and socialized tend to be better behaved. A dog park also gives us a forum to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, behavior, training and health care issues. The added benefit is that dog owners get to socialize also. You can meet new friends and share dog stories.

With the use permit in hand we mowed the evil star thistle, bagged it up and put up the first fence. With help from members and a group from Beale AFB we dug holes, poured concrete and erected fence posts. The following day with the help of approximately 20 volunteers we fenced the 5 acre site and installed our rear gate. The following day we opened for business. Our official grand opening was not to take place for approximately 2 months.

At our grand opening we had approximately 125 dues paying members.

The park today in 2019 has improved and continues to improve. We have added many things in the park like picnic tables, garbage cans, portable bathroom, and trees. Everything done in the park is by volunteers and members and the park stays open by members and their donations. All are welcome at The Off the Leash Dog park board meetings to hear upcoming improvements and events and your input is important to us. If you would like to become a member you can use the link below and fill out the form and email to: ysofftheleash@gmail.com