We have a wonderful Off the Leash dog park in Yuba City that is an asset to this community. It is a non profit and is kept alive and running by donations and volunteers. It truly is a community experience.

Off the leash is a 3 acre park for our furry friends and provides a safe space for our dogs to play and exercise. In bringing our pets here we have also made new friends and met more animal lovers in our community. Many people have taken lost animals and put them here to be in a safe space. When our frequent dog lovers enter the park they have done every effort to find their parents and if abandoned have found them homes. I have met so many this last year from the multiple fires who were evacuated to Yuba City also commented how grateful they were for this park. They were in shelters while displaced or in one room hotels and were so grateful for this space. They all have commented how large and well kept it is too and best park they have seen.

This is all done by volunteers and also donations since it is a non profit organization to have this park here. It serves a large area of people from Williams, Marysville, and many more neighboring towns. It is easy to help and support to keep this park open by making a donation, going to Amazon smile when you buy products and choosing Off the Leash Dog Park as the donation choice, or there is a donation box at the park. The park has many plans to bring even more upgrades to the park but we need your help to keep it open and to keep improving.

You can purchase an advertisement sign for your business to be put in the park at a reasonable cost. Contact ysofftheleash@gmail.com for sizes and pricing.
A win win for your business and the park.

2050 Wild River Dr. Yuba City, California
Donation Payable to:
Off the Leash
P.O. Box 6025 Marysville, CA 95901

Thank you so much for supporting this community asset.