The Mason’s Work Day! Come Join In!

The Mason’s are using our park as a community service  project in connection with the “Make a Difference Day.”  We hope a lot of people can show up and help out so they all know how much we do love our park and appreciate their help. It all happens Oct 5, beginning at 8:00 AM

We’ve got a couple of projects in mind for them to help with, like repaint the a-frame.  But any other suggestions are welcome!

Any more info call Chris Parent, Pres, Off the Leash Dog Park at 530-329-1997

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“New” fence looks great!


Look at the new fence between the little and big dog areas. Looks great!

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Labor day 2014!

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Park Meeting Tonight!

Just a reminder, park members meeting tonight!  Call President Chris Parent at (530) 329-1997 for location.

Starts at 6:30, get involved!  Join tonight and get an instant voice!

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Bulletin Board Spruce-Up

Hi Folks: Our bulletin board really needs a “sprucing up”! I spent yesterday drawing up a plan and shopping for materials. I got everything we need for the boards themselves (one board for each the large dog and the small dog side) including primer and paints. If you look below you’ll see my revised plan. The original included a hinged & framed Plexiglas door with sash lock but the cost was too high so I did away with the door.

I’ve done this on my own dime as a donation to the park but … I could use some help getting it all put together. I’ll pre-assemble and paint the boards at home. However, the 4 X 4 posts that they attach to need a bit of sanding so they can be primed and painted. If you can bring some sandpaper and help sand the 4 X 4’s while you’re at the park with your pooch, that would be a big help. Additionally, I’m likely to need some help (especially muscle-wise) to take down the old 4 X 4 OBS (plywood) sheets and hang the new ones (once I have them ready). I hope to have this project finished within a couple of weeks.

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It All Adds Up

To the person who trimmed the tree I like to park under… Thank you! Thank you for doing the hard part – – remembering to bring the cutters. (lol) I saw that you ran out of steam so I finished cleaning up the trimmings. I ran out of room in the dumpster and filled the smaller trash can but, then I too ran out of steam. I went home and got some lawn trash bags and left them in the zip lock bag tacked to the bulletin board should someone want to pick up where I left off. If the smaller trash can needs emptying for use in weed pulling I’m hoping someone will use the bags I left. I don’t know when the trash runs at the park but we now have a full dumpster and can. Amazing how fast it adds up. ☺

I also tacked up some more Chili’s flyers. I’ll try to bring some more tomorrow which is the last day for the “Give Back” event. Please help us raise money and have a great meal while your at it. I’m told we’re within a couple hundred dollars of being able to have a new fence put in for the training area. Let’s try to get that done. Whether it be through donations, the Chili’s Give Back, new or renewed membership fees or even saving money by mowing the park ourselves rather than paying to have it done. There’s a lot that needs to be done at the park. But, if all of us help just a little, we can get a lot done.

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CHILI’S GIVES BACK from Monday to Wednesday

Chili's is proud to support Off the Leash Dog Park

Chili’s is proud to support Off the Leash Dog Park

Time to get that feedbag on!  Buy some lunch, buy me lunch!  Have your neighborhood over for dinner!  Get some gift certificates!  BUT remember the coupon!!!  Off the Leash gets 15% of all you spend back in REAL CASH to spend on keeping the park running!  Please help us out while you get great eats!

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TODAY! Rummage Sale!

Benefit Rummage Sale, June 28!

Benefit Rummage Sale, June 28!

Chris Parent’s  Phone (530) 329-1997, give him a shout if you can help out!

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Dog Food Donations Needed

Food Fund Raiser with United Way

Food Fund Raiser with United Way

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New Sprinklers at work!

wpid-20140520_195406.jpgThe basket fundraiser paid for a couple of these and long hoses, and its making a difference!  We have lots more green around the park!  Special thanks to Derrick for taking his time to setup and tear these down all the time!

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Upcoming Events

6:30 pm Park Business Meeting @ Location Changes, call Chris for Details
Park Business Meeting @ Location Changes, call Chris for Details
Nov 5 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
(almost) Every First and Third Wednesday Off the Leash Dog Park has a members meeting.  Please join us to help shape the future of our park! Share this:TwitterFacebookGoogleEmailMorePrintRedditPinterestStumbleUponLinkedInPocketTumblr

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